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Top 10 game franchises that need to end

There are a ton of game franchises out there that just keep having games pumped out. Most of these we don’t ask for, but we keep buying them. As a result, they keep making them. This is a list of the 10 franchises I want to end. Or at least end for a long enough time to give fans time to really appreciate them and maybe for the publishers to really appreciate the fans. Some of these on this list I used to love and others I always hated. Either way, they all have gone past their prime and like an aging sports star, they need to either ride the bench for a while or outright retire.



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The Legend of Zelda games are not something that Nintendo pumps out all the time, but they do come out pretty regularly and most of them aren’t very good. Of course, for me, the last good game in the series was Link to the Past, but the new one that was shown off at E3 2014 does look amazing. Maybe I’ll want to get my hands on it, but I have to assume the the game will not change much just like the other games in the series. I’m looking for a really good reason to buy a Wii U, maybe that’ll be it. No matter, whether or not this next game is actually good, give the Zelda series a break and try something new Nintendo. Then you might actually sell some Wii U’s. Try focusing some games on your adult fans. I get you aim for children because they’re an easy target, but you have a fan base that’s growing up and if you don’t keep their attention to, Sony and Microsoft will.


The numbered series don’t come out too often, but Capcom does like to milk everything and the Resident Evil games aren’t any different. My first reason for wanting this series to end is mainly because of how God awful Resident Evil 6 was. They need to put it on a shelf for a very long time and then maybe try a reboot once fans actually start asking for a new RE game. The second reason is all the side stuff like Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Everything that comes out as a side game for the RE series seems to me like complete garbage. No one is asking for these. I know zombies are still popular in the video game medium and I have no idea why. Everyone is constantly saying they’re tired of it, but that doesn’t mean you have to shoehorn in a bunch of zombie games and slap the RE name on it, just because it’s yours. Give it a break and work on not milking every series you have except Mega Man.


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Alright, I’ll admit the first time I played the Lego Star Wars game I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was, but that didn’t last long. By the time I finished the game, I was pretty over it and now every time I turn around I see yet another Lego game coming out. Is the Lego Company not making enough money from their extremely expensive play sets? We don’t need a Lego game for every movie that comes out that is rated PG and under. Give it a break already. At least wait for all three Hobbit movies to come out before leeching onto it for some extra cash. You could also stop exploiting the popularity of Batman in order to keep pumping out Lego games. Just stop, go back to melting plastic.


The Final Fantasy series has been around a long time and there are only a couple games in the numbered series that are any good. That doesn’t include all the other games that Square Enix throws the Final Fantasy name onto just to get it to sell. They also love milking their games, I mean we’re on what now… Final Fantasy XIII part 3 now? On top of that, they know how bad we want a Final Fantasy VII remake and instead of making it, they hold it over our heads to sell copies of new games in the series. Every time a new FF game comes out, Square is quick to let us know they are willing to remake FF7 IF that new FF game sells enough. Thanks guys, but the series sucks and I’d rather see it die off than have a remake for the best game in the series used against us to sell games. If you want to sell more games, make good games or give us the remake we want. I think it’s safe to say Square Enix would make a killing on a FF7 remake.


We went a little while without a new Street Fighter game. That was until Capcom came out with Street Fighter IV and it came out at great time. Fighting game fans ate it up and ever since then, Capcom has milked that game for all they could. Every time you turn around, there’s a new version of Street Fighter IV on sale. It’s about time we put that series back on the shelf and maybe after very long time, gamers will want to have the Street Fighter series rammed down their throat again. With that said, the fighting game scene seems just as popular as ever, so I expect a PS4 and Xbox One version of the game to come out soon, maybe called “Super Turbo Street Fighter IV Deluxe Remastered.”


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The last good Sonic game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and everything after that was complete garbage. Thank God, Sega keeps pumping these games out no matter how much we don’t ask for them. Sonic sucks and only die-hard fans care to see more games starring him. It was nice to see Sega try to go back to their roots with Sonic the Hedgehog 4, but by then, it was too little, too late. They’ve already killed the character and everything about the series with all the other games they pushed out over and over again. It’s like Sega doesn’t get the message that Sonic isn’t Mario.


The Call of Duty series is one of the first to start releasing new games every year and it’s easy to see why. Activision makes a killing on the series every year. The unique thing about this game franchise being on the list is it could actually be the one most likely to go away. Think about it, Activision has no problem putting a series on the shelf once it stops selling. All we need is for people to stop buying it and as of late, it seems every year they sell less and less. The biggest annoyance about the Call of Duty series is they all barely changed after Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. That game set the mold for FPS games and for just about everyone else making those style of games. Not to mention, they haven’t veered off course at all.


Another series that comes out every year and this one has probably become the worst. I use to love Madden games and I bought them every year. In fact, the past year was the first year I didn’t buy a Madden game since Madden 98. that’s a long time of buying the same game series. The problem has gotten to the point that they’ve completely stopped trying. After renting last year’s game for PS4, it was not only broken, but a horrible looking port of the PS3. Afterward, I decided the series should end. On top of that, I’m tired of EA picking one stupid thing to showcase off every year and most of the time they’re just glorifying something that was already there. Just make a Madden game every couple of years and on the in-between years give gamers a roster update for a small fee.


One of the most beloved characters in gaming history and Nintendo knows it. It’s the reason that it seems like we’re getting a new game starring Mario shoved down our throat five times a year. I would say they need to stop and give it a break until fans start asking for a new Mario game, but Nintendo never gives anyone a chance to miss him. I have started seeing more and more people come out and admit that Mario games are all the same. I’ve been saying that for years. It would be nice for Nintendo to do something actually different and original for a change. I think that’s one thing that really annoys me about Mario games, it seems like the same people always complaining about sequels and saturation of the market in genres like shooters are the same ones constantly running to the store for the next Mario game that’s exactly like the last one.


The one series on this list I am proud to say I never played. This series is by far the worst at milking games, screwing fans and being unoriginal. I hate Pokémon more than any other series. Now I know people will hate me for many of the series on this list and this one will be no different, except people will hate that I even admitted to never playing one game. I don’t need to play any of the games. I’ve seen a few and even seeing one is enough. The games never really change. The worst thing about this series is each time they sell two games that are exactly the same except they each have different Pokemon. Lets hope Activision doesn’t stumble on to this. Can you imagine every year TWO identical Call of Duty games, except in one you fight Russians and the other you fight Germans? It amazes me that fans are willing to buy the same game twice just for different monsters. I would love to see the fans of this game series wake up and demand them to actually do something with this franchise besides encouraging them to sell the same game twice and get double the money for it. With that said, when Twitch plays Pokémon was in its hay day, I was obsessed with watching it for a couple days.

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