NBA 2K14 Review - A Pixelated View


NBA 2K14 Review

  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Release Date(s): PS+ June
  • Platform(s): PlayStation + for PS3
  • Review platform: PlayStation 3

2K has a history of publishing really good games. The Borderlands series, for example; however, they have also published some, let’s say, less than stellar games. Games like Duke Nukem Forever, because that was a thing. Unfortunately NBA 2k14 seems to go in the same column as the later.

So the first problem with the game is that menus. The menus tell you don’t tell you have to navigate at all. When pressing the start button, there is normally the main menu with different options such as the settings menu and, in sports games, different career modes. Not in this game. When you press Start, the first thing that comes up is a featured game. Then to get to the main menu, to get to the main menu, you have to press circle. Why? At what point in video gaming would the main menu not be the first thing you see when you press Start? Then there is trying to find how to play an exhibition game. It took me half an hour. There is no option to just pick two teams and play. You have to go into the feature match up and then pick two teams with the L2 and R2 buttons. What? Why can’t I just choose my teams by moving the analogue stick? Why can’t it be a normal game where you pick sides after you have chosen the teams that are playing?

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And then we come to the tutorial. What a mess this is. Games are meant to be open to all people and yet the developers have used so many terms that only basketball veterans would understand. I mean, what is “The Key”? I saw no door in the game so I am assuming it is not anything to do with leaving something.  It doesn’t explain any of the rules or any of the moves or point system. It explains how to do things. There is no explanation of when or why,  just how. No details. Just press Square and L1, or whatever button combination the button happens to be. That doesn’t help the majority of people that know nothing about basketball and have an interest in the game as a way to get into the sport.

There is one redeeming feature, though. The game does look really nice, given the limitations of the PlayStation 3 . I did some Googling of some of the players in fact and they do look similar. Naturally, the game doesn’t look as good as real life but they are decent representations.

The game is really bad for people that don’t understand anything about basketball. If you are trying to get into basketball try watching it or finding a club instead of buying this. But if you know everything about basketball, then by all means pick it up. That is, if you are happy to attempt to navigate through all of the confusing menus.  The game shows promise to those who know about the sport, but the menus and tutorial set a form of barrier before even getting into the game.'

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