Daedalic to Publish a Tower Defense Game - A Pixelated View


Daedalic to Publish a Tower Defense Game

Game publisher and developers Daedalic Entertainment and Bumblebee are both working together to bring a pixelated tower defense game to gamers. The game’s title is Oh My Gore! and it is set to release early in 2015, but the title would be first be ready for gamers in late 204 as early access.

Oh My Gore! is a top down style game that uses 2D pixel art to play a tower defense game. The gamer is expected to play as the bad guy this time as the gamer is set for world domination. Gamers will conquer and defend territories, castles, and keeps.

apv-patreon1 copy

Oh My Gore! and its retro pixel style and unconventional story is something that Bumblebee and Daedalic Entertainment have been working on and will be available soon.


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