APV goes to: LCS London - A Pixelated View


APV goes to: LCS London

The LCS is one of the most watched live weekly events on the internet averaging around 50,000 viewer over all 3 of its streaming platforms. It is in fact filmed in front of a live audience and on the 21st and 22nd of June 2014 the EULCS went on a road trip to London. What’s more is that Adam was able to attend.

The first thing to note was the sheer amount of people there. There was thousands of people walking up to Wembley stadium and arena, it was hard to tell who was going where and even harder to find the arena. The easiest way was to find someone with a Teemo hat. While I normally hate the little bastard I will admit the people wearing his hat did help me find my way there. The venue didn’t look like much at first. Just a big building like a shopping centre. And then I walked inside. It was insane. Some many LoL players in one place from all over the country. There is so many British LoL players it shocked me. There was a statistical chance that I have played with some of them. But it was really nice to see so many people representing the British LoL community.

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Then there was the atmosphere. Every single person in the arena was cheering about everything. Even the death of wards. There was much stamping of feet and clapping of hands. It was a fantastic and really friendly atmosphere which is something it doesn’t feel like while playing LoL online. It was something that you don’t really feel when you are watching on a livestream.  The way everyone is cheering and everyone is celebrating at the same time. How loads of people want to be seen (including someone wearing a Shrek mask). There was even some TSM chants which made no sense as TSM are in NA and this was EU but we all went with in. We even had Mexican waves going. There was even a point where we all were trying to goad two teams into a fight by chanting “fight, fight, fight” like a bunch of 12 years olds at the end of a school day at the local field. But it was really funny to participate in.

If you got board (I don’t know why you would) or need to stand up you could leave the main area for a bit. There was lot of people outside just chatting about the matches we had all just watched and the game in general. Swapping builds and team comps that helped each other out. There was a few food stands that sold food and beer (although the beer was nearly £5 a bottle so I only had one). There was just a general buzz about the place like something I had never experienced before.


And of course what would anything game related be without cosplayers? There were some fantastic costumes there. All sorts of different people including a bunch of SKT1 skins, TPA skins and even a little girl whose parents had helped dress up as Annie with her own teddy bear. They were all really well-crafted with care and attention put into each one.

Even the players and casters joined in with the chants and the banter. At one point a guy climbed up onto the stage and one of the casters mimicked swatting him away with his hand. And everyone was laughing about including the casters. Then a caster started cheering for ward deaths with the crowd and everyone cheered him. And you could tell they were genuinely happy to be here. Although there was some wolf whistles for either Sjokz or Joe Miller and I felt like I was with a bunch of builders for a few seconds.

It was definitely worth the money. The crowd, the fans, the casters, the banter and just the experience was brilliant and I hope they come back next year. They sold out 12000 tickets in less than an hour so I’m guessing there’s a good chance. If you are a LoL fan and can get tickets to one of these events my advice would be this: go. Go and have so much fun that not a lot will compare. Thanks for reading.


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